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About the society

The International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS) is a non-profit and free-membership organization of individuals, institutions and corporations. The society is dedicated to the development of information systems technology for environmental applications. It promotes the international exchange of knowledge in the field of environmental information systems research.

Aims and scope

Environmental Systems Research publishes innovative research on environmental systems science and environmental management. Through original research articles, reviews of the field and comments on specific topics, the journal aims to enhance the integration of environmental systems analysis to help develop management solutions that are consensus-oriented, risk-informed, scientifically-based and cost-effective.

The topics addressed in the journal will include, but not be limited to:

  •  Methods and applications related to integrated simulation, optimization and management of resources, environmental and/or ecological systems
  •  Methods and applications of data mining and artificial intelligence to environmental studies
  •  Modeling of fate and transport of contaminants in environmental systems
  •  Environmental risk assessment and vulnerability analysis
  •  Sustainable water resources management
  •  Optimization and control of pollution mitigation processes
  •  Environmental statistics and multi-criteria decision analysis
  •  Climate change impact assessment and adaptation planning
  •  Environmental policy analysis
  •  Methods for uncertainty analysis and their applications in environmental and ecological risk assessment
  •  Computer graphics, GIS and expert systems for upporting environmental and ecological decision making
  •  Other areas of resources, environmental and ecological systems sciences