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Table 2 Comparison of mean incomes based on source of product (household/year, ETB)

From: Role of forest provisioning services to local livelihoods: based on relative forest income (RFI) approach in southwest Ethiopia coffee forest

Source of income Within the group Mean   Between group Mean
C1 C2 C1 C2
Forest 93,559.7a 27,448.3m   93,559.7d 27,448.3e
Agriculture 1625.7c 39,316.2n   1625.7f 39,316.2g
Off-farm activities 2600c 18124o   2600h 18124i
Livestock 5200b 3800p   5200j 3800j
  Sub total 102,985.4r 88,688.5s
  1. Mean comparison with Tukey HSD, procedure the superscripted letters from ‘a’ to ‘c’ and ‘m’ to ‘p’ indicated the mean (vertical) difference within the group but letters ‘d’ with ‘e’, ‘f’ with ‘g’, ‘h’ with ‘i’ and ‘r’ with ‘s’ specified the mean comparison, between across the category(horizontal), and the same alphabetical letters indicated no significant difference between the mean, however, different letters indicated a significant difference between the mean at 5% significant level