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Table 2 Some Physicochemical properties of the soil at the experimental field

From: Response of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genotypes to combined application of phosphorus and foliar zinc fertilizers in Central Tigray, Ethiopia

Properties Values Remark
Soil physical properties
 Sand (%) 88  
 Clay (%) 4  
 Silt (%) 8  
Soil texture   Loamy sand
Soil chemical properties
 pH (by 1:2.5 soil water ratio) 7.25 Almost neutral
 Total nitrogen (%) 0.07 Very low
 Organic carbon (%) 0.09 Very low
 Available phosphorus (ppm) 7.72 Very low
 Available Zn (ppm) 5.52 Very low
 Cation exchange capacity (cmol(+)/kg/ha) 2.7 Very low
 Electrical conductivity (ms/cm) 0.045 Very low
  1. Mekelle soil laboratory (2017), as described by Landon (1991)