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Table 1 Land use land cover class (LULC)

From: Accessibility of urban green infrastructure in Addis-Ababa city, Ethiopia: current status and future challenge

LULC classes Description of each LULC class
Built-up area Include areas with all types of artificial surfaces, including residential, commercial, industrial area, transportation network and other built infrastructure
Urban agriculture This includes cultivated lands, community lands along the river banks that are used for agricultural purpose
Urban forest Include areas of dense vegetation cover, such as areas covered with both indigenous and exotic trees like Eucalyptus tree, grass and shrub areas
River and riverside green It includes rivers, streams, riverside or buffer greens and other water bodies
Urban parks Urban parks refers to a specific piece of ground, excluding natural parks, within the city/town and set apart for recreational use by the public. It may be planted with trees, lawns and other shrubbery and include facilities for sport, entertainment, and recreation purpose