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Table 2 Independent variables and descriptive statistics

From: Factors influencing adoption of improved structural soil and water conservation measures in Eastern Ethiopia

VariablesMeanStandard deviation
 Sex (male)a85.00 
 Education level (years)2.102.70
 Farming experience (years)23.4812.30
 Family size (number)5.902.10
 Economically active household members (number)2.370.10
 Area of the plot (ha)0.440.17
 Slope of the plota
 Distance of the plot from dwellinga
  < 5 min14.10 
  5–10 min39.50 
  10–20 min31.00 
  > 20 min15.40 
  Security of tenure (yes)a90.80 
 Livestock holding (TLU)a
  Less than 17.50 
  More than 349.20 
 Off-farm activitiesa
  Never engaged65.80 
  Petty trade29.20 
  Wage labor5.00 
 Extension contacta
  > 2/month17.50 
  1. aPer cent (proportions)