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Table 5 Soil chemical and physical pparameters on Quarry and Non-quarry areas

From: Effects of stone mining on woody plant species diversity and selected soil properties in northern Ethiopia

VariableLand use typest valuep value
Mean TN (%)0.0910.1493− 0.0582500.000
Mean AvP (ppm)3.8676.4233− 2.6116670.027
Mean EX. K (ppm)253.1316.29− 1.7780000.127
Mean OC (%)1.6701.58830.55200000.013
Mean EC (ds/m)1.2880.62330.66500000.071
Mean pH8.2827.71200.57000000.005
Mean BD (g/cm3)1.9031.380117.4630000.000