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Table 1 Land use land cover change (LULCC) classification schemes used in this study

From: Spatiotemporal trends of urban land use/land cover and green infrastructure change in two Ethiopian cities: Bahir Dar and Hawassa

LULC class Description
Urban built-up area Includes areas with all types of artificial surfaces, including residential, commercial, and industrial land uses as well as transportation infrastructure
Vegetation Includes areas with dense vegetation cover, such as those covered with shrubs forming closed canopies, trees and other vegetation that is relatively tall and dense, as well as areas covered with both indigenous and exotic trees
Water body Includes lakes, rivers, ponds
Green spaces in built-up areas An area of grass, trees, or other vegetation set apart for recreational or aesthetic purposes inside urban built environment. It includes urban parks, greenery, roundabouts, public squares and plaza, open Spaces, medians and sport fields
Crop land Includes grazing areas, cultivated lands, community open lands and areas along the lake shore that are used for agricultural purposes when the lake level retreats following the long dry-season. Information obtained from local residents indicates that the units categorized in this category can generally be used in one way or another for agricultural purposes