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Table 3 Selected CMIP5-GCMs for forcing the SWAT model

From: The impact of future climate and land use/cover change on water resources in the Ndembera watershed and their mitigation and adaptation strategies

Station ID Local name Lat Long Elevation GCM ID GCM name Future condition
80353 Kihanga − 7.962 35.313 1589 D CanESM2 Hot/wet
      B bcc-csm1-1 Cool/wet
      S MRI-CGCM3 Cool/dry
      2 GISS-E2-R Hot/dry
      R MPI-ESM-MR Middle
83353 Kinyanambo − 8.274 35.313 1803 M IPSL-CM5A-LR Hot/wet
      X CNRM-CM5 Cool/wet
      S MRI-CGCM3 Cool/dry
      A ACCESS1-0 Hot/dry
      R MPI-ESM-MR Middle
83350 Ikweha − 8.274 35.00 1427 M IPSL-CM5A-LR Hot/wet
      F CESM1-BGC Cool/wet
      S MRI-CGCM3 Cool/dry
      R MPI-ESM-MR Hot/dry
      Q MPI-ESM-LR Middle