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Table 1 Description of IPCC (2001) contributing factor, major components and indicators of vulnerability

From: Exploring impacts and livelihood vulnerability of riverbank erosion hazard among rural household along the river Padma of Bangladesh

IPCC contributing factor of vulnerability Components Indicators
Exposure Characteristics of riverbank erosion hazard (frequency and magnitude) Frequency of riverbank erosion
Human mortality rate
Percent of HHs reporting injury of a family member
Total number of affected people
Percent of HHs reporting land degradation during last 30 years
Percent of HHs experienced displacement in last 30 years
Average number of others natural calamity during last 30 years
Sensitivity Health sensitivity Average time to reach nearest health center
Percent of HHs reported at least one chronically ill member
Percent of HHs where a family member is infected by a communicable disease
Percent of HHs who do not have toilet and poor hygiene status
Inverse of life expectancy
Food and agricultural sensitivity Average food insufficient month
Inverse of land productivity
Percent of HHs that collect water directly from river, streams, pond
Demographic sensitivity Dependency ratio (% of population below 15 and over 65 years of age)
Percent of female-headed HHs
Average family member in a HHs
Population density
Adaptive capacity Economic capacity Percent of households dependent solely on agriculture as income source
Average number of households who have burden of loan
Percent of HHs who have access to financial services to any financial institution
Percent of HHs who have a family member working outside the village at relatively developed place
Household income per month
Social network and communications Percent of HHs who have received any kind of support from neighbor in past 1 month
Percent if HHs who have supported and helped to neighbor in past 1 month
Percent of HHs where a family member is affiliated with any organization
Average time to reach nearest vehicle station
Percent of HHs have communicative devices (TV, radio, mobile etc.) at home
Education and skill Education index
Percentage of households where members had any formal or informal skill