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Table 5 Cluster analysis of the water samples

From: An application of Water Quality Index (WQI) and multivariate statistics to evaluate the water quality around Maddhapara Granite Mining Industrial Area, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

Group Sample number Cluster Sample percentage
A1 MRS-1, MRS-3, MRS-18,29 Cluster I 70.97
A2 MRS-5, MRS-6, MRS-8, MRS-9, MRS-10, MRS-11, MRS-12, MRS-13, MRS-15, MRS-16, MDS-21, MDS-22, MDS-23, MDS-24, MDS-25, MDS-26, MDS-28, MDS-30, MDS-31
B MRS-2, MRS-4, MRS-7, MRS-14, MRS-17, MDS-19, MDS-27 Cluster II 22.58
C MRS-14, MDS-20 Cluster III 6.45