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Table 8 Application of inexact nonlinear programming to waste management

From: Applications of inexact programming methods to waste management under uncertainty: current status and future directions

NP Other methods or features Reference
FQP ILP (Huang et al. [1994b])
IQP   (Huang and Baetz [1995])
INP FGP (Chang and Wang [1996])
INP MIP (Chang et al. [1997a])
INP FLP, MOP, GA, MIP (Chang and Wei [2000])
IQP More Efficient Algorithm (Chen and Huang [2001])
INP Exponential Objective Function (Wu et al. [2006])
IQP TSP, FLP (Li and Huang; [2007])
IQP TSP (Li et al. [2008a])
IQP CCP (Guo et al. [2008c])
IQP FRP (Sun et al. [2009])
IQP TSP (Guo and Huang [2011])
INP Piecewise Linearization (Sun et al. [2012])