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Table 6 Applications of interval mixed-integer programming to waste management

From: Applications of inexact programming methods to waste management under uncertainty: current status and future directions

IMIP FLP Other methods Reference
IMIP    (Huang et al. [1995b]; [1997]; [2005])
IMIP FLP   (Huang et al. [1995a])
IMIP FLP TSP (Huang et al. [2001a])
IMIP FLP VA (Huang et al. [2002])
IMIP   MCDA (Cheng et al. [2003])
IMIP   GT (Davila and Chang [2005]; Davila et al. [2005])
IMIP   GHG (Lu et al. [2009])
IMIP   MR (Li and Huang [2009a]; Li and Huang [2009b])
IMIP FLP SIP, FCCP (Guo and Huang [2010])