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Table 2 Description of land cover types

From: Impacts of phased–out land restoration programs on vegetation cover change in Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia

Land use land cover type Description
Settlements Land covered by rural village’s (houses), and towns (Fissaha et al. 2017)
Shrub/Bush Land Land covered by small trees, bushes, shrubs; it is less dense than the woodland (Fissaha et al. 2017)
Grazing Land Areas with more than 50% cover grasses (mixed with some shrubs) and less than 50% herbaceous, and have bare lands usually used for grazing
Cultivated Land Areas of land prepared for rainfed and irrigated crops, which includes areas currently under crop, fallow and land under seedbed (Tahir et al. 2017)
Bare land Land which is mainly covered by bare soil and rock outcrops (Belay et al. 2015; Fissaha et al. 2017)