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Table 2 Quality appraisal framework

From: The effect of household storage tanks/vessels and user practices on the quality of water: a systematic review of literature

Category and criteria Questions to guide quality appraisal
Quality of reporting
 Objectives Were the objectives and purpose of the study or intervention described?
 Context Was sufficient detail provided on the context and setting of the study or intervention?
 Study design Was sufficient detail provided on the sampling approach?
 Data collection Was sufficient detail provided on data collection methods and procedures?
Is there evidence of a systematic data collection process?
 Analysis Was sufficient detail provided on analytical methods used in the study?
Minimizing risk of bias
 Appropriateness of sampling Was sampling representative at the household level (did the survey represent the study population?)
Was sampling appropriate, given stated objectives?
 External peer review Is there evidence of the document being subjected to external/independent review?
Appropriateness of conclusion
 Interpretations Is there a discussion and interpretation of the main findings?
 Limitations Were the study limitations described?
 Conclusions Were stated conclusions and implications within the scope of the study design and data collection methods?
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