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Table 6 Adsorption comparison of different adsorbents in MG in the literature

From: Adsorptive removal of malachite green dye from aqueous solution onto activated carbon of Catha edulis stem as a low cost bio-adsorbent

Adsorbent qm (mg/g) pH Isotherm Kinetic References
Cellulose powder 2.42 7.2 Both FIM and LIM PSO Sekhar et al. (2009)
Polymeric gel (C4) 4.9 8 LIM PSO Malana et al. (2010)
Neem saw dust 7.2 4.35 LIM Khattri and Singh (2009)
Tamarind fruit shell 1.95 5 LIM PSO Saha (2010)
Commercial activated carbon 8.27 7 FIM PSO Mall et al. (2005)
Avena sativa (oat) hull 83 8 FIM PSO Banerjee et al. (2016)
Unsaturated polyester Ce(IV) phosphate 1.01 8 FIM IPDM Khan et al. (2013b)
Sepia 3.48   Both LIM and FIM Figueiredo et al. (2000)
Chlorella-based biomass 18.4 PSO Tsai and Chen (2010)
Khat edulis activated carbon 5.62 10 FIM PSO This study
  1. FIM Freundlich isotherm model, LIM Langmuir isotherm model, IPDM inter particle diffusion model, PSO pseudo second order