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Table 1 Description of various reanalysis and global meteorological data

From: Evaluation of reanalysis and global meteorological products in Beas river basin of North-Western Himalaya

No Rainfall product Availability Period
1 MERRA Global (NASA Modeling and Assimilation Data and Information Services Center (MDISC) ( 1979-present
2 ERA-Interim Global (ECMWF as part of Copernicus Climate Change Services)
3 JRA-55 Global (NCAR Computational Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) Research Data Archive (RDA; 1958–2012
4 CFSR Global (National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI; 1979–2009
5 WFDEI Global (Produced post-WATCH using WFD methodology applied to ERA-Interim data) obtained from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis ( 1901–2012