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Table 3 N and C Stock, and C sequestered under fields in the farm

From: Carbon stock, sequestration and soil properties among fields in smallholder farms in southern Ethiopia

  Field type CV (%) LSD0.05
Enset Coffee RTC Crop field Fallow
N stock (t/ha) 6.0a 6.3a 4.2b 3.6b 3.3b 36.3 1.73
N stock (kg/m2) 0.6a 0.63a 0.42b 0.36b 0.33b 36.3 0.17
C stock (t/ha) 75.5a 81.4a 68.8ab 57.5bc 43.3c 24.3 16.1
C stock (kg/m2) 7.55a 8.13a 6.88ab 5.75bc 4.33c 24.3 1.61
C sequestered (t/ha) 277.0a 298.5a 252.6ab 211.0bc 159.0c 24.3 59.0
C sequestered (kg/m2) 27.7a 29.85a 25.26ab 21.1bc 15.9c 24.3 5.9