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Table 1 Characteristics of land use practices among fields in the farm

From: Carbon stock, sequestration and soil properties among fields in smallholder farms in southern Ethiopia

Field types Location in the farm Crop intensity (no. of crops/year) Residue management Topography Fertilizer application
Na (kg/ha) P2O5a (kg/ha) FYM (t/ha)
Coffee Homestead 1.5 Retained Gentle slope 4.23
Enset Homestead 1.25 Retained Gentle slope 3.50
RTC field Middle field 1.88 Removed Gentle slope 3.51
Crop field Out field 2.00 Removed Gentle slope 13.2 20.5
Fallow land Out field Free grazing hilly slope
  1. aSource of fertilizer is urea (46-0-0) and Di-ammonium Phosphate (18-46-0), respectively