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Table 10 Developing key strategies for greenbelt planning by SWOT analysis

From: Strategic spatial analysis of urban greenbelt plans in Mashhad city, Iran

External factors Internal factors
Strengths (S) Weaknesses (W)
Opportunities (O) Aggressive SO strategies Conservative WO strategies
SO1. Developing an ecological greenbelt based on carbon sequestration and saving energy WO1. Training of decision-makers to enhance the legal mechanism of protection and conservation
SO2. Developing a horticultural action in brown fields to create an agricultural greenbelt  
Threats (T) Competitive ST strategies Defensive WT strategies
ST1. Encouraging the agricultural entrepreneurship to absorb the investment of greenbelt planning WT1. Preparing a program to conserve the greenbelt zone for prevention the leapfrog sprawl
ST2. Preparing a link between recreation and elevation heights to improve the greenbelt act plan