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Table 1 Nationally recommended specifications of graded soil bunds for areas similar to Lemo district

From: Assessment of community based watershed management practices: emphasis on technical fitness of physical structures and its effect on soil properties in Lemo district, Southern Ethiopia

Bund components Recommended standards Sources
Embankment height (m) .5–.75 FEPA (2004)
Embankment top width (m) .3–.5 SAONREPA (2004)
Embankment bottom width (m) 1–1.5 FEPA (2004)
Berm length (m) .2–.25 SAONREPA (2004)
Ditch width (m) .5–.6 SAONREPA (2004)
Ditch depth (m) .5–.6 SAONREPA (2004)