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Table 1 Greenhouse gas emission profile of wood and key competitors.

From: Minimizing environmental impacts of timber products through the production process “From Sawmill to Final Products”

Materials Greenhouse gas emissions per tonne material (tCO2-e/tonne) Sources
Aluminum 22.4 Norgate et al. (2007); George (2008)
Steel (blast furnace production) 2.55 George (2008)
Steel (scrap-based electronic arc furnace production) 1.1 George (2008)
Cement 0.77 George (2008)
Hardwood (rough sawn kiln dried) 0.23 George (2008)
Softwood (rough sawn kiln dried) 0.234 George (2008)
Medium density fibreboard (MDF) 0.726 George (2008)
Particle board 0.982 George (2008)