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Table 1 Specifications of the diesel engine

From: Engine drive and environmental characteristics when fuel mixed with waste cooking oil is used for a small diesel engine

Properties Units Remarks
Name   Yanmar Co. air cooling type diesel engine L–A type series L40ASS
Engine type   Vertical type air cooling 4 cycle diesel engine
Fuel system   Direct injection type
Number of cylinder   1
Internal diameter of cylinder mm 68
Stroke of cylinder mm 55
Total stroke volume of cylinder l 0.199
Brake power
 Maximum kW 3.1
 Continuous rating kW 2.8
Output shaft
 Rated speed rpm Cam shaft: 1800, Crankshaft: 3600
 Injection pressure MPa 19.6
 Fuel oil of application   JIS 2 light oil
 Fuel tank capacity l 2.5
 Lubricating system   Lubrication trochoid pump
 Apply lubricant   SAW 10 W 30, CC level above