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Table 2 Nodulation traits, shoot dry weight, number of seeds per pg and total pegs weight as affected by Bradyrhizobium inoculation, cultivar, and location

From: Development of environmental friendly bioinoculate for peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) production in Eastern Ethiopia

Treatments NN NDW EffNN (%) SDW NSP TPW
Consortium 138.75ab 0.2679ab 81.25a 51.7a 2.89ab 3384.3abc
HUGNR-10 158.83a 0.2703ab 83.25a 59.48a 2.72ab 3701.4a
HUGNR-11 121.83b 0.2332ab 83.25a 51.58a 2.72ab 3634.3a
HUGNR-12 137.58ab 0.2478ab 81.50a 53.97a 2.70ab 3752.3a
HUGNR-13 126.58b 0.2417ab 84.75a 55.03a 2.64ab 3493.1abc
HUGNR-18 139.17ab 0.2365ab 79.42a 54.81a 2.58ab 3613.4a
HUGNR-19 134.08ab 0.2160b 79.83a 50.35a 3.00a 3011.6c
HUGNR-29 133.00ab 0.2991a 85.17a 57.85a 2.92ab 3553.2ab
Uninoculated 115.75b 0.2394ab 79.33a 50.76a 2.45b 3062.5bc
N fertillized 137.08ab 0.2539ab 84.50a 43.84a 2.86ab 3518.5abc
F value 3.30** 2.28* 1.15ns 1.46ns 2.24* 4.64***
LSD (P < 0.05) 29.54 0.0715 9.66 16.73 0.52 539.46
Babile 118.883b 0.2314b 84.00a 57.38a 2.78a 3323.15b
Fedis 149.65a 0.2697a 80.45b 48.49b 2.72a 3621.76a
F value 57.46*** 15.18*** 7.15** 14.97*** 0.71ns 16.23***
LSD (P < 0.05) 8.077 0.0196 2.64 4.575 0.1428 147.52
Werer 962 137.33a 0.2561a 82.43a 50.48b 2.24b 4019.44a
Bati-Sedi 131.20a 0.2450a 82.02a 55.39a 3.26a 2925.46b
F value 2.28ns 1.27ns 0.10ns 4.57* 201.02*** 217.81***
LSD (P < 0.05) 8.08 0.0196 2.64 4.58 0.14 147.52
CV (%) 16.56 21.49 8.84 23.79 14.30 11.69
  1. Means in the same column followed by the same letter are not significantly different at the 5% probability level by Tukey’s test
  2. ns non-significant, NN nodule number per plant, NDW nodule dry weight (g plant−1), EffNN (%) effective nodule number percentage, SDW shoot dry weight (g plant−1), NSP number of seeds per peg, TPW total pegs weight (kg ha−1)
  3. * Significant at 0.05, ** significant at 0.01, *** significant at 0.001