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Table 2 Suitability classes for each criteria/factor

From: Habitat suitability analysis for hippopotamus (H. amphibious) using GIS and remote sensing in Lake Tana and its environs, Ethiopia

Criteria Suitability classes Sources
Highly suitable Moderately suitable Not suitable
Water depth 1.5–2 m 2–3 m >3 m Tracy (1996)
Elevation of lakeshore 1634–1900 m 1900.1–2000 m >2000 m Eltringham (2003), cited in UNEP-WCMC (2010); field survey
Slope of lakeshore 2–7° >7° Holmes (1996), cited in Dietz et al. (2000); Field survey
Settlement and livestock disturbance of lakeshore 5.5 km = less or no disturbance 3 km = Moderately disturbed 0.5 km = Highly disturbed Wengström (2009)
Grazing land proximity to the lake 2–5 km 5–10 km >10 Tracy (1996)
Land use land cover of lakeshore Short grass (Echinochloa species/hippo grass)+wetlands   Dense forests, bush lands, cultivated and settlements (Mackie 1976; Lock 1972 cited in Kanga et al. 2011; Pienaar et al. 1966; IUCN 1993; Eltringham 1999)