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Table 1 Major Data types and their sources

From: Habitat suitability analysis for hippopotamus (H. amphibious) using GIS and remote sensing in Lake Tana and its environs, Ethiopia

Data type Data sources Resolution Access date
Satellite image (SPOT) Amhara Design Supervision and Works Enterprise 5 m February/2006E.C
Digital elevation model (DEM) of Lake Tana and its environs Ethiopian Mapping Agency (EMA) (2012) Resampled into 20 m 04/2006E.C
Field survey data Ground survey with global positioning system (GPS) +2 m error October 15–18/2006E.C, November 30-Dec 15/2006E.C, February 1–5/2006E.C, and March 10–14/2006 E.C
Bathymetric data Amhara National Regional State, Bureau of Industry and Urban Development (ANRS BoIUD) 2012   January, 2006E.C