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Table 2 Description of LULC classes identified in Gelda catchment of Lake Tana watershed, Ethiopia

From: Land use/cover dynamics and its drivers in Gelda catchment, Lake Tana watershed, Ethiopia

LULC classes Descriptions
Farmland and settlement Areas used for crop cultivation, both annuals and perennials, and the scattered rural settlements that are closely associated with the cultivated fields. These were combined into one category as it was difficult to identify the dispersed rural settlements as a separated LULC class where fragmented cultivated land exists around homesteads
Forests Forest areas covered with dense growth of trees that formed nearly closed canopies around religious sites. This category also included plantation forests mixed with regenerating ‘indigenous’ species of trees and bushes
Shrubs Areas covered with shrubs, bushes and small trees, with little useful wood, mixed with some grasses
Grassland Land predominately covered with grasses, forbs, grassy areas
Bare land cover Bare landscape that has very little or no grass cover due to overgrazing of grasslands