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Table 1 Electrical characteristics data of DS-100 M PV module

From: Mathematical modeling of photovoltaic cell/module/arrays with tags in Matlab/Simulink

Name DS-100M
Rated power (Vmp) 100 W
Voltage at maximum power (Vmp) 18 V
Current at maximum power (Imp) 5.55 A
Open circuit voltage (VOC) 21.6 V
Short circuit current (ISC) 6.11 A
Total number of cells in series (NS) 36
Total number of cells in parallel (NP) 1
Maximum system voltage 1000 V
Range of operation temperature −40 °C to 80 °C
  1. The electrical specifications are under test conditions of irradiance of 1 kW/m2, spectrum of 1.5 air masses and cell temperature of 25 °C