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Table 2 Fuzzy index scores with membership grades (GoM) for different classes

From: River water quality index for Morocco using a fuzzy inference system

Period Station IMBP class MFWQI class GoM
Jan.-09 Cheikh Rguig Poor Very poor 0.85
Poor 0.15
Jan.-09 Sidi Med Cherif Average Poor 0.86
Average 0.14
Apr.-09 Ras, El Fathia Average Poor 0.5
Average 0.5
July-09 Cheikh Rguig Average Poor 0.5
Average 0.5
July-09 Ouljat Haboub Good Good 0.68
Average 0.32
July-09 Sidi Jaber Average Poor 0.75
Average 0.25
July-09 Skhirat Good Average 0.95
Good 0.05