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Table 7 Date of the campaigns and hours of sample collection

From: Study of physico-chemical parameters of water in the Loukkos river estuary (Larache, Morocco)

Stations Dhiria Ain Chouk Baggara Grangha Port
11/03/2006 LT 10H30 LT 11H00 HT 13H10 HT 15H00 HT 14H00
06/05/2006 LT 09H15 LT 11H30 LT 13H00 LT 14H20 HT 17H04
26/07/2006 HT 09H00 LT 10H30 LT 12H15 LT 15H15 HT 14H26
29/09/2006 LT 09H30 LT 12H00 HT 13H10 HT 14H50 HT 16H40
  1. LT: Low Tide; HT: High Tide.