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Table 7 Application of inexact multiple-objective programming to waste management

From: Applications of inexact programming methods to waste management under uncertainty: current status and future directions

MOP ILP FLP MIP GP Other methods Reference
MOP   FLP, MIP    (Chang and Lu [1996]; Chang and Lu [1997])
MOP   FLP   GP   (Chang and Wang [1997])
MOP ILP FLP   GP   (Chang and Chen [1997])
MOP ILP, FLP MIP    (Chang et al. [1997b])
MOP    MIP GP MCS (Ahluwalia and Nema [2006])
MOP ILP FLP    SIP (He et al. [2008a])
MOP    MIP   MCS (Chaerul et al. [2008])
MOP      DSS (Ahluwalia and Nema [2011])